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We believe in making complex things simple. In that spirit, please a summary of our privacy notice and policy and what we do with the data we collect. To emphasize, everyone at MCR Safety wholeheartedly respects the privacy of your and our own personal information.

In summary, we
  1. Believe in the maximum protection of personal information and the fundamental concept of privacy.
  2. Will only collect the bare minimum of your data for us to perform as a business.
  3. Strive to be fully transparent with you, the customer and the regulators when it comes to cyber-attacks and or intrusion attempts on our business.
  4. Take all possible and sensible measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your personal information.
  5. Do rely on third parties for things like managing customer experience and are striving to ensure that they share the same beliefs and principles around privacy and protection of data.
  6. Do not directly sell or trade your personal information. We may share your Personal Information to comply with applicable laws and regulations, to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other lawful request for information we receive, or to otherwise protect our rights.

What information do we collect?

As a minimum we ask that you share with us your:
  • First name, last name and or middle name.
  • Email address.
  • Credit or Debit card information to process your order (we DO NOT store this information).
  • Your mobile and or contact number.
    • So that we may get in touch and discuss your transaction should there be questions.
  • Country where you work.
In addition, to help us target and better meet your areas of interest, it helps if you provide us with the:
  • Company you work for.
We do NOT collect and DO NOT require the following from you:
  • Sexual orientation or Gender
  • Religion
  • Health or fitness
  • Political views
  • Family data
Why do we need your information?

We need some data from you so that we can:
  1. Inform you and keep you updated on your:
    • Buy and Try order.
    • Any inquiries you have made.
  2. Share with you
    • Newsletters if you have opt-in.
    • New product notifications and special offers if you have opt-in.
How do I access and correct my data?

Use the account log-in you created on the Buy and Try website and select the link that says “My Account”.
  • In this area you may correct any of your information and opt-in/opt-out of any newsletters and/or product notifications.

Do you use cookies?

Buy and Try shopping cart does not use cookies however; we do use cookies from the following partner websites.
  • Google
  • HubSpot
  • Facebook
Cookies can be turned off in your browser settings.
How do you protect my Data?

We take several precautions to ensure to ensure your data is not subject to unauthorized access. Some of the steps we take include, but are not limited to:
  • Encrypting, where possible, your personal information when it is NOT being transmitted (at rest).
  • Encrypting your data during transmission (for example, when we transmit your order and payment information to our credit card merchant account).
  • Ensuring our staff are constantly made aware of their responsibilities towards protecting your personal information.
  • We believe in transparency and are always prepared to own up when things go wrong. We will keep you and the regulators posted when things go wrong and also let you know what we did to recover from such incidents.

How Do You Process My Data?

We rely on our Buy and Try shopping cart to host and process your personal information when making a purchase. This approach, allows for a far more efficient method to control (issue, take-away) access for our employees.
How Do You Obtain My Data?

We use multiple methods of obtaining your data including:
  • Forms on https://shop./ and any subdomains on this website.

How long do we keep your information?

Based on our experience we have deemed it necessary to retain your data for 72 months. You will always have the ability to opt-out at any time.
How do you dispose of my data? We primarily rely on our Buy and Try shopping cart to host your data. To that extent, we can ensure that we
  • Remove your data when we hit the “delete” or remove button.
  • Allocate your data in the “Do not Email” bucket when you unsubscribe from our mailing lists.

When I invoke “Forget me” what do you do?

Hmmm - This is a vicious cycle (surely it is). For us to truly forget you, we have to remove all instances of your records in all our databases. You may want to check if we have done so. Herein lies the contradiction, if a business deletes all evidence of you (your personal information) and your request to “Forget me” - then there is no available record that they held your data in the first place. If they maintain a record of your request they could expose the very fact that you were associated with the particular business in some way. However, if you do invoke the RBF (Right to be Forgotten) option we will remove you from our systems. We do not store any personal information in our email systems.
Complete Transparency - when attackers succeed.

When discussing a data breach we believe in being fully transparent with you and the ICO and any other regulators within 72 hours.

We are constantly on the lookout for criminal activity on our networks and systems. When discovered we invoke our cyber incident response plan and take the necessary steps to either stop the ongoing attack and or take sensible response measures to mitigate the impact to you and our business.
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